Soul music – K.B ( essay)

Soul music



Blues and gospel combined, the wound and the elation to the sky.

Behind the music, there is a struggle, a struggle to be considered as an equal citizen with rights and duties.

There are 400 hundred years of slavery.

Songs sung in the boats that took the actual african american away from the mother continent.

Every black man knows that his family was enslaved until came Lincoln to abolish and Dr King for proper recognition, until the first and early activists. They fought, and they fought, and they won. It took a long time, a lot of serious incidents happened. The Klan, the lynching, the restriction of access to anything dignified like education and even public transports. We know the famous figures like Rosa Park, Dr King, Sam Cooke, and many others that came meanwhile and after like Angela Davis. But every single person brought something.
History was painful and bleeding, and that’s what soul music teaches , about how to transcend pain and suffering. Isn’t a struggling individual or community a good enough causen to show solidarity? Soul music is born in pain and goes up to the saint’s ecstasy and glory, it is impossible to truly appreciate it without understanding the history behind, the beliefs and the struggle.

Peace be upon the oppressed, the exiled, and any human who has a good heart facing overwhelming and state – organized issues.






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