Found a path this morning – K.B

Found a path this morning


Found a path
This morning
But already
A cloud of
And pain
Is veiling
The mystery
Inside my heart.

Found a path
This morning,
I was joyously
Walking by myself.

I could feel the flesh
Of the world,

The new vibe
Of spring

And the new cosmic

With the Earth’s course
Getting closer to the sun.

It did produce an effect.

The vibe was subtle,

The thin thread of life
Is growing again.

It is still weak though,
But not to my senses.

In this desert,

I meet a lot of snakes

Towering on the sand

And even at night
When I lay against
A palm tree,

A scorpion
Can come out
Any time

But somehow,
Love has to be stronger

And I’m not talking
About sex-motivated

Found a path this
I was walking

Then I met
With mankind,

One of a kind,

Anything but


My cousin
Used to say ;

Giggling girls
At the counter ;

Full of rumours ;

Enslaved boyfriends
Taking out the trash
In the sun ;

Unsure young people
And one quiet dreamer
On the sidewalk

Looking at the horizon

The latter is my favorite.

In this latent nevrosis,

I dared to make some

And swing some words
To spread a symphony,

Now I’m back into my room.

I’m confined again waiting
For the next happy train
Of thoughts

That could turn real
After much inspiration.





All rights reserved. 2019.


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