The most beautiful thing – K.B

Simple things….


The most beautiful thing


After much

We cooked
Pasta and veggies.

We listened
To french classics

We are now
At rest

After that
The shrew
Is sleeping

What a divine
Feeling !

The veggies
Were crispy

We added some
Olive oil

Salt and pepper

A huge load of cheese

We’re loaded
For the coming

This place
Has turned
A mosque

No christchurch.

We’ve always spoken
A lot of languages
Around here

Now I’m into

The night
Is unravelling

There might
Be peaceful
And reading

Sorry for those
Who feel terror
In their heart

Reach out
A hand
It may help

But I sure
Put my fingers
In your throat
So you can puke
It out.

All my hopes
Go to the Lord,

And my prayers
To put some
With those
Who erase
His memory

With their

And sadness,

For tonight
At least.


« There’s one thing that lowers a man to the lowest point but that is not part of any prohibition : sadness »
Baal Shem Tov


Poeticly yours,



All rights reserved. 2019


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