Prejudice – K.B




Coz you have
Mental health

You can’t have

You can’t have the keys
To your place

Social services can take
Your kid

It has been done
Countless times

People get scared
And don’t trust eachother

They even terrorize you
Adding to the sickness

Maybe it’s too bad
A reflection

Too bad a mirror
Showing your
Own madness

Showing your

You incertainties.

Simply coz you’re sick,
You’re less than human.

I’ve been fucked
By so called
« Healthy humans »

Whereas the mentally
Ill always showed kindness
To me.

What team are you on ?
The honest and the brave,

Not the tricky and
The thief.

A lot of women
Have become
Vice to men

I can tell
My perspective

The hand of God
Created Adam

He gave him
Something different.

So many men destroyed
By divorce,

Or sinking into drugs
Because of their
Mothers and girlfriends.

I’m totally nevrosed by
All this.

When will people
Understand that
God laid it all out?

Why all this hysteria
On fragile minds ?

When will the world
Cease to be unbalanced,

Rocking like an old
Chair or like
A rockstar
Under influence ?

The bad mirror
Is what we don’t
Wanna see.

If you are different,

If you are strong
With your difference,
They’ll try to eliminate

I chose to unapologetically
Be Myself

Like a rising sun
In caverns of ignorance.




All rights reserved. 2019.