Zikr ( reminder ) – K.B

Zikr ( reminder)



You who are in
The sky

I remember you.

The dances you inspire

Are my salvation.

Your law is supreme
And as the universe

I remember you.

The sun is far
And yet its rays
Get to me.

You are closer
Than my veins.

I breathe you
When I’m alone.

You answer
To my wishes
By giving
Me the means
And the inspiration
To think by myself.

Miracles were made
For prophets.

Your candle is
For you.

You illumine
My nights

I feel cherished

In some moments
Of hardship

You bring me to
Your haven

And you foster
Me until
The trauma is past.


You are the Sublime.

This world hides you
But not these words.

Shine, shine
On us

Do not let go
Of Us ,

Of me.

I pray you
Be kind

My Lord,






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