The Odyssey – K.B

The Odyssey



Crossing the seas,
Listening to mermaids
With ear plugs
Attached to the mast.

Destiny, O Destiny !
The langor, gone !
The liquor , gone !

Switchin back
To reality
Like a ghost
This town.

Few survived
The journey,

I’m resting
In a haven.

Beautiful creatures
Walk on the pier.

The sound of music
Comes to my ear,

The roaring laughter
Too in the hot summer

My sails are lowered.

The flag is flapping in the

My feet are dangling
In the water
With a fresh bottle
Of water beside me.

I’m finally recovering
My senses after
Much sailing.

The wind blew hard
On the sea.

Some past days,
I couldn’t see a thing

This is just rest.

I’ll know when I’ll have
To sail again.

I’m my own captain
( O my captain ! ).

I’ve encountered

The lotus eaters,

And a lot of arid
And desert lands.

I’ve walked through
All weathers,

And I’ve loved
Countless times.

Passion showed
Me its glow,

Morning sex
It’s joy,

Their pain,

And most important,

I haven’t met many people.

It was my two weeks Odyssey,
Bent on the desk to rewrite
The dream at fresh dawns
And hot coffee

In the cabin of my

Now , I’m back home
And it feels weird
To set foot again
On hard soil.

Women, mother,
Father are waiting
For me as well as

Nothing has changed
Around here.

I have.

And that’s what the Odyssey
Is about :

Self transformation by visiting
Diverse places,

Wether it be in the mind
Or on a boat,

On foot,

By bike,

Bye Bye

And good evening

To all .




All rights reserved. 2019.


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