The last minutes of the Che – K.B

The last minutes of the Che


True story…


« You, why are you so quiet ? »
« You’re about to kill a man »
« Stand and be strong ,
« Come on, let me feel
Your strength ».

The soldier didn’t
Move an inch,
Stern faced.

I guess the Che needed
Some triumph in his last
Minutes after he got caught
As a guerillero in Bolivia.

He needed some last
Drop of humanity

Some last confirmation
That he was still alive.

He exhorted the soldier
To show emotion

But the latter won’t budge.

That’s when the Che turns
Mad and yells :
 » Come on, be a man,
Show some strength !
You’re about to kill
A man !  »

The hour of the execution is

The soldier keeps looking
Straight in front of him.

No one knows what he
Was thinking or what he felt.

The superior comes in
To give one last command.

The Che is told to stand up.

There is still a flame in his eyes.

The soldier lifts the rifle
In the little room.

On the count of ten,
He pulls the trigger.

The body of the revolutionary
Falls heavily.

Blood is spilling everywhere.

Bright red like the communist

And still hot.

Life left just a moment

The body is taken away,
The floor cleaned.

And so did a part of history

But the ideas,

They survived.

In some hearts,

He is still remembered,

Like any human of value

Wether it be good or bad.

I don’t judge .





All rights reserved. 2019.


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