Total war – K.B

« Endure, and go away in a beautiful exile « 


Total war



Did you get it ?
Your writing
Is a gift to heal.

The outside world
Is not as peaceful
As it seems.

Did you get it ?

Rules of war
When the light
Comes out
Are simple :

Do not touch
Nor women.

Be conciliant
As much as

Hold your head
High in the face
Of people

You will protect
And them too.

There are more
« Do not » then
« Do « .

It is in itself
Not wishable

But if you are attacked,
Endure to understand
And when you feel the
Time is right

Defend yourself

Do not let
The harmony

Nor losing
The thread.

This life is
A path.

There might
Be joy or happiness
But not without hardship.

Hold your head high
With no pride

Just to get a better
Look at things.

Do not be tempted
And succomb.

Follow your own
Iine of action.

Do not attempt
To another human’s
Life nor to his physical
And moral integrity.

Be kind with women
But don’t use a young
Girl’s heart just for sex.

Accept no form
Of servitude.

Your God is watching.
He may close his eyes
On some of what you
Do but at one point
You will pay.

People look superbly
In their ‘superbe »
But it hides a hell
That they made
By ignoring the truth.

Don’t be an ignorant.

Strive to learn,
Serve and protect.
It’s a poet’s word

In this weird and vague
impression of total

If there’s a paradise,
Buckle up,

And follow
The Lord
And his prescriptions.

You might be led astray,
But for me,
Not this time,
Not in this moment.





All rights reserved. 2019.


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