Pride & Prejudice – K.B

C’mon, be brave ….


Oops, too late, you got uncovered, « he’s a bad man, he’ll hurt you », whispers an insidious voice in the chest.



Pride and prejudice



To be in love.
Natural pride.
A lot of prejudice.

Until the agony
Grows inside.

Until you start

Love can be
A night,
A lifetime,
10 years,
Two hours.

But beware
To be led
By pride
And prejudice.

The two lovers
Of Jane Austen ?

We walk around
With pride and

We disdain love

Need someone ?

C’mon ,
Don’t be needy,
You beggar .

Your money
Makes you look
Like a clown.

Don’t be needy,
You beggar.

Lower the barrier,
But once you start
Shining for real,

People go away.

Same issue
With the cavern

No one will inquire
After you.

Do you feel the sting
Of indifference ?

Once you start shining
For real,

Jealousy and hate
Come in.

The will to do better
Than the other too.

Wether it be through


Or easy means.

No will look after you.

Look, he’s shining.

He doesn’t need anything.

Hide your teeth,
Beautiful shark
With a soothing

I speak my mind.
They don’t.

Far from themselves,
They go crazy with truth.

They don’t listen,
Don’t hear the signs.

Deaf, dumb and blind.

Go seek the light.

Grudges winding,

Moralism showing up.

Grass is greener elsewhere
But I won’t go maw it.

I’ll just watch and give in
To envy.

Just feeling the fantasy.

That’s the story of pride
And prejudice in love.

The sting of humiliation

But the voice cracks in the end.

Speak your mind.

Only daemons hide.

And, they make you
Feel guilty in addition,
Those proud and prejudiced

Speak your mind.

Being selfless is
A pain in the ass.

Especially when
They start taking
Advantage or
Show indifference
To what they know
Is true.

The hell with you.







All rights reserved. 2019.


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