Anything, O wretched soul – K.B

Anything , O Wretched soul !


Anything ! Heroin, crack,
Anything to take the pain
Away !
Anything to get some relief
From my aching body
And my paralised mind !
Anything to fight back !

My friends don’t want to
See me in my lines,

They simply say : « it’s just
Poetry !  »

Anything , O wretched soul !

Anything to feel better
After I got injected my
Monthly drug
To  » protect the mind
From over production
Of doppamine  »

They fucked me up,
That’s what they did !

Now, daemons get
At me easily, half witted
As I have become

Anything , O wretched
Soul !

Anything to fight back,
To kill this heaviness !

The thought of relief
Turns its silky palms
Towards wishing death
If not relieved from
This stress !

O Heavenly God !

O Master of Hell !

Produce a miracle !

Anything, O wretched
Soul !

Anything to cease
This Paralysis of the state
Of mind,

Of the state of soul ,

I’m suffering dearly !

What is it that is
Too unconvenient
So as to suppress it
In me

While it’s making me
Happy ?

At least it used to.

I was like a bright
Lamp interfering
With a homosexual
Gang bang in the

They ran after
Men with their
Dicks erected
And shovels
Around their
Neck to bury

Not to praise.

O wretched
Soul !

The drink
Of loneliness
Is bitter

And brings
One on the brink,

But they won’t
Hear it

Besides expensive

Or crazy interested
Musicians !

I’m a fallen angel
In the hands
Of the Moloch,

The pale
And morose
Of this

No kids,
No wife,
No car,
No place
To live,
No income,
No job,

O wretched
Soul !





All rights reserved. 2019.


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