Tower of light – K.B

Tower of light


I stood like
A tower of light.

People kept
At the base

Before compromise,
The body was healthy,
The light flowed
In the mind
And blew

I was able
To compete
Wih anything.

I could cross
Borders between
The worlds.

The city full
Of hustlers
Would run
After me.

Things happened.

My nights
Were made
Of prayers,

My day was
A devotion.

Never did I give
In to easy temptations

Five times
A day

Like they say

I was on my carpet.

I would talk to trees
And they would answer.

Animals gathered next to me.

Criminals took flight
At my sight.


They got me.

I was going
To challenge
The Empire
And spread
The word.

The good news.

Of After life.

Of good words,

Good deeds,

Good actions

And maybe even

But the armies
Of darkness
Couldn’t accept

They have powers.

They whispered
In my parent’s ear
Reassuring conspiracies.

They used public forces,

They took me to court
And treated like a crazy

They said I wad mad.

I was peaceful.

I can tell.

But like a flame
In a cavern,

It had to be shut
To keep the ignorants
Cosy and safe.

Therefore here I am,
Seven years after
My righteous and
Virtuous illumination,

Here I am,
Living like
An animal
With drugs.

I left the system.


I was about
To get into

They severed
My limbs
And left me
On the side
Of the road.

I’ll come back.
I’ll do my best.

In the meantime,
I’m keeping  »
The good behavior ».

O white fire of peace
And knowledge,

Feed me !

Love, Love, Love…






All rights reserved. 2019.


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