Death kiss : a pigeon’s tale – K.B

It starts wih energy, then with ressources….we don’t all have the same politeness in front of true generosity…in front of survival or Death…pull, pull the blanket, the mind often races with calculation… ( laugh).




Death kiss : a pigeon’s tale


I have wings
And I gurgle
Like a pigeon.

They saw me fly

Little pigeon, they said,
Do you have money ?

We need to buy
A guitar.

Little pigeon
Said yes
Coz they
Were friends.

Little pigeon
Took off again.

They saw him flying
By again.

Little pigeon, they said,
Can you buy us food ?

Little pigeon is kind,
He said yes.

It took off again.

Everytime it flies
By, they’d ask him
Coz they were

Until one day,
They asked it
To lend them
Its wings.

Little pigeon
And in a firm
Voice and tone

It got really angry.
It couldn’t take off

Missing a wing.

It walked home
On foot,

Hurt and crying
All over.

The tears eventually

It went so see its
Dad in the water pipe.

Daddy pigeon was old.
He folded his grey wings
Worn out by travelling
Around his little pigeon.

Little pigeon never
Flew by again.

They were waiting
At the window
To see him coming,

With bulging and crazy
Red eyes.

Little pigeon lived happily
Ever after.

It changed its course
Of flight

And took off again,

Going away again
With the blessing
Of Daddy pigeon
That doesn’t travel






All rights reserved. 2019.

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