Negation of the soul – K.B

Until I lose all sense of pleasure…the world is violent, I’m being contained and I can’t find my way out…’s what I call slaughter….invisible and insidious. But I could feel it, the lies and all….pollution. 



Negation of the soul




Behind closed doors,
I can feel things
And it makes me

With some
Friends you

With others
You contain

But my soul
Is beautiful

And they feed
On it until
I’m depleted,

Until anger
Comes back
To trample
On the flowers
It took me
A season
To grow .

Behind closed
I sealed myself

I sealed the door
To my heart.

But my soul
Is beautiful
And drug addicts
Love to feel
Their power
Expand through me

I heal, i absorb,
They thank

But I lose myself
And it takes
Me a whole
New course
To build again.

Behind closed doors,
I can feel conspiracies
I see their movements
The impulse they give
The resistance to the

To me

That I will confess
Only in a poem.

Before me,
There were
Many to bear
The light.

Some died.

I wish for one thing :
Feel the ecstasy of
Love again in your arms,
Beloved ;

To cure my justified

It can be a tingling
During a poem

It has been worse :
Interned for being
Too kind and pacific

It sent a heck of
A shiver in their

To see me quiet
With no hint
Of hate

Not an inch
Of anger

Not a threat
Of negativity

Yeah, I guess
It can send
Shivers more
Than a stick


It has become
So hard for humans
To conceive
Real freedom.

And mine looks
Silly to them,


Hello demons,
You are back
To hurt me.

Goodbye mom,
You were the
Only guardian

Poeticly yours,





All rights reserved. 2019.

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