The generational gap – K.B

The generational gap


A new generation is rising. They don’t understand their parent’s materialism. They look for freedom and joy, they look for life. They don’t understand the post war division of work, of long strenuous hours at the office. They would like to taste life and have fun. Alas, parents are still old fashioned and freak out, especially the mothers, with all due respect to them. I made a choice and everyday I hear stuff like  » You have to get a degree », like many others.  » Get a real job »  » Art don’t pay » « You’re lazy ». I agree on the necessities of life but there’s a strong transition that’s being made in my generation. I personally went to uni, but I’m meeting more and more alternative people and alternative plans of life, a sort of soft revolution. Why bother to work for a boss with no recognition of one’s work, a limited salary, and barely enough time for oneself? Why make a family if it’s to reproduce the same parental schemes of alienation, enslavement and servitude as a workforce ? I don’t want to feed this unhuman monster of system that tramples daily on our dignity. The cult of money is empty and is a void, we are hungry for a deep sense of authenticity and freedom, we have to build this new world full of colors, life, love, passion, fantasies. We have to eradicate violence, hopelessness, distress, cynicisim and disabusement. We have in the end to make life beautiful again. God speed, he knows our deepest wishes for joy and solidarity, definitely ending our selfish selves, live in giving and receiving, respect the balance of life and protect our environment. Let life start again !






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