Dreams are my reality – K.B

Dreams are my reality



In my deep sleep,
Feelings of the
Day come out.

I’ll be wearing
Sun glasses
To hide my eyes,
My sad eyes.

Mistaken for
A poor of spirit
When I don’t wear

I get fished by weird
But there’s one woman
That came in my dream.

A lonely friend
From teenage time
Who didn’t like
How I had turned
Out in uni.

She tried to stop
Me kindly and wouldn’t
Concede to me as a lover.

Anyways, I miss her.
It was just a dream
But it became
My reality
When I woke up.

Past tenderness
And declaration
Of love,

Grand romantic
And all…

The soft guitar
Enhances my senses
And numb for a while,

I ache to find words,
Rising to excellence
Each needed time
But too dumb to remain,

Into nothingness.

This woman today,
She had sharp and yellow
And she was looking
For money,
Some kind
Of gold digger.

She should have
Looked in her
Mouth first
( laughs).

The girl of my dream
Is far
So I can be a poet
At times.

This woman
She was hungry
For sex while
I was appeased.

I treated her well
And was kind
Enough with her.

But Gosh,
How it is
Almost impossible
To have a drink
By myself.

I wish that
A bird of
Came by,
Woosh !
Just to lighten
The day up
And give
To the intellectual
Who smokes
In public
While meditating
On his life
And humanity.

This dream became
My reality,
The machinery is set
And all the yellow teethed
Hustlers are not enough
To take my smile away.

« Raindrops keep falling
On my head »,
Some acid rain,
To tell the truth.

The dove makes
Me dive for protection
But it has no purpose,

Here I disappear
Again into

Until the next



All rights reserved. 2019.

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