Altruism – K.B

To Anne Catherine Lox.



Same issue for decades concerning social workers : little means, overload of work, 5 hours per file, wether it be a child to be hosted, a man on the street to be rescued…etc.




She got fired
Coz she was too
Overdoing her job
She helped with
A smile
But she got hurt
By the rules

Like the waitors
Who get fired
For giving out
Food at the
End of a service.

She went out
On the streets
To give a helping

She was no mother
Now she’s been fired
As a social worker.

My friend lost
A friend,

Coz she was
Doing things
For him

She actually
Really cared

She didn’t have
Blinder like all
The others

She had
And she
Would nurse

The hell with
Bureaucracy !

The more you do,
The less you get,
The more they

Until…burn out !
Burn the motherfuckers
Who hide palidly behind
The rule
And don’t reach out to others !

Cowards !






All rights reserved. 2019

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