People from the past – K.B

People from the past.


There were strong people
In the past,
They used to build
Vast lanes,

There were no
On the boulevard.

The music
Was going on,
They never
Saw it
Coming :

The end of

The beginning
Of the void.

They started
To avoid each other

As if a vacuum
Cleaner took
All the joy
From the now
Dusty heart.

There used to be
Strong people
In the past,

Grand civilizations,
They never saw it coming :
The end of pleasures ,
The beginning of the void.

Lonely poets survived
To tell their story.

There used to be
Strong people in
The past,

But the flyin by
Vultures nagged
At culture.

The oppressing
Light of the day
Showed the half
Eaten corpses
With no burial.

They should be
The legacy
Is immense.

But the stones
That fell from
The sky
To the hostile
Was the drop
That made them

There used
To be strong
People in the past ;

You can read
Their inscriptions
On the dead stones
Of some forlorn


There used to be
Strong people,
Who would accept
The good and the

Now, they’d rather
Have fun all the

Coz, without
With only
One life
To live,
It’s the

Guys from
The streets
Unable to
Accept otherness
To pursue art
For its own sake ;
Lacking the knowledge
To understand anything ;
Deep into the social
Full of hate and grudges
And frustrations,
Thinking of themselves
As something special ;
Trying to get all the benefit
For themselves and all the credit ;
Smelling generous and kind preys
Eyes shut , deaf , dumb and blind,
Silent to otherness above all.

What egos and unpurified
People !

The essence of life
Appears to the
And powerful
And loyal to
The Lord.

Not to those
Who need to feed
Their selfish passion
By any means ;

Even thinking
Of killing at times ;

They are easy
To recognise :
Always right,
With a zero
Degree in humanism.

If you dig,
They are
Also drug
Addicts ;

They speak
Of projects
That they
Will never do ;

They always need
Something and never
Give back ;

And they talk
Way too much
To give themselves
Good conscience
For all the evil
They’ve done
And that they
Can’t undo ;

The law of attraction
Works only for honest

Honest to God,

Praise and glory
To him !



All rights reserved. 2019.


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