In the name of God – K.B

My greatest childhood fantasy is gone…



In the name of God 



In the name of God,
They are killing eachother.

They are killing us too.

Forget about him then.

Would you rather toast
Some bread in the morning

Or go to prayer for a bloody
Divinity ?

They are killing eachother,
They are killing us too.

Forget about him then,

He failed !

Splash, blood !

Splash !
Complication !

And ecstasy,

What crazy
Ideas !

They are killing

And killing us too

In the name of the

Apparently , some
Terrorists get
Closer to paradise

At each throat they

Whether it be a child’s,
A woman’s, or a grand

Yeah ! God is great !

Bloodbath !

Allah akbar
They shout
At each shot !
It’s not a message
Of love,

Has there ever been love
In such things?

God is vengeance
God is harm
God is humiliation

Those are three
Names he has
In Islam

Well, I’m
Your ennemy

You took all our
Joys away.

« You » is a fantasy,
An idea we were
Given of you

For you don’t exist !

They told us about
Charity in our childhood,

Well there are people
Sleeping on the streets.

Ask a believer to welcome
Any of them,

He won’t ! Hypocrit !

They told us about
Feeding the poor ,

Well, there are
People starving,

Especially under
The boots of a
Well known
Leading nation.

This fantasy we were
Taught is only a fantasy,

If you haven’t been hurt
In your flesh,

You’ll never understand !

God is great ! Allah akbar !

Follow the trail of
The dead, it leads
To him.




All rights reserved. 2019.


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