Distress – K.B




The tempest has been
Howling for days ;

Lost the taste
Of water,
Barely standing,
Waking up every
Two minutes
At night
Two shrills.

I live close to the

Imagine my terror
When nature is getting
Crazy and hysterical.

Global warming ?

The tempest leaves
Me in distress ;

The long walks
For food too.

All that energy
Is postponed,

The mind

Under pressure
Of the elements,

They sometimes
Seem to answer

And that’s my drama :

A talking nature.

And believe me,
A tempest is no whisper.

I can hear the name
Of God blaring.

The message is clear
But I’m clean,

There’s nothing I can
Lean on.

For most people,
A tempest is tempest.

But for alchemists,
It’s not.

It’s an incident.

You become
A dissident,

You search
For comfort
And inner
To stay

I hope this tempest
Will only be
A one night stand.

Then, I’ll have to heal
If I survive the mental

It will take days
To find the stream

Untamed as I am.

Strength and honor
( and sex)
( chuckle).




All rights reserved. 2019.


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