Chronicle of disease – K.B

My take on mental health



Chronicle of disease



At the beginning
Of times,
A beautiful

Gifted by nature,
Always smiling.

Then, he started
Walking the world.

He saw misery,
He got hurt
In his flesh,
And in his

He never recovered.

His eye caught everything,
Got really deep into
Human nature.

It gave him
And intense

Sleeping half nights,
Waking up with shudders.

At the beginning of times,
A beautiful offspring,
Always smiling.

Now, he turned
Psychotic and drug

He stays in bed
With no money,
No company.

Only yesterday,
He thought
Of a million
Ways to kill

So that the
Pain and
The non sense

He saw all the doctors,
Went to all hospitals.

His brief illumination
Was a woman he loved.

Where is the love
Now ?

People are turning
Into soldiers,

Ecstasy turn
To nervous
With no hope
Of healing.

Walk or die.

Where is the love
Now ?

He is laying
Like a foetus
In the cold,

With no food
And no heater.

Where is the love
Now ?





All rights reserved. 2019.


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