I wanna rot with you (humor) – K.B

An ode to the passing time and the old cupples I see on my street, hand in hand, walking slowly…. with a touch of humor naturally.


I wanna rot with you


Till  death do us part,
I wanna rot with you.

We’ll share a tomb,
Moistened earth
And shared dreams.

I wanna stay with
You until your hair
Turns silver grey
And shines like the

Until no words
Are needed,

When only
A glance
Will be enough
To get some
Of you.

Your wrinkled
Hand set on mine,
We’ll have a lifetime
Before us,
And still some stuff
Ahead, nonetheless.

I wanna rot with you,
What is flesh to heart
And soul ?

Let’s cross the vast
Alleys of the sky

My tender friend.

This life is just
A test,

And if I were to
I’d still ask for you.

I wanna live all
Lives beside you.

The passing time
Veiled your gaze,

But as I know you
Me by heart,

So do I understand
Some of you.

Old and wrinkled,
We’ll have the
Most amazing
Laughs on our

Looking at flowers
After all the drama
Of life.

You’re my hope,
And if you were
To be gone before

I’ll follow the trail
Like a hound
Till I reach your paradise,

Haven’t we known
Eternity in the arms
Of each other?

You are the one
That never age,

My bridge
To the one
Who never sleeps.



All rights reserved. 2019


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