About love ( I wanna rock with you ) – K.B

About Love ( wanna rock with you)

I wanna rock with you
Till’ the end of the night,
Flat on my belly
Next to your chest,
A hand lazily lying
In your hair,
To forget about
The wooes and boos
Of neverending
To feel the beat
Of your heart
In the silent night
Like an endless
Rythm and Rhyme,
To listen to the nightingale
And feel your body next to mine,
In a languid posture
Squeezing smiles
Out of the numbness
Of midnight time ;

I wanna rock with you
To stop hating myself
And relax.
Pity is on your features,
and care, and love,
as if not concerned
by pleasure anymore,
Floating In semi-ease
With half-closed eyes,
Tears of joy and
Beaming ecstatic
Wrinkles around
The sensual mouth
That kissed just before…

I wanna rock with you
Like the tide on sand,
Like a group of birds
Setting at dawn for
An unknown course.

I wanna rock with you
To cease the pain ,
To sweep doubts
In your soft hand
Pressed forward
In an invitation
For pleasure
And mind travelling,
In the span of a
Starry night
In your sweet
Next to a river bank,
A bank of cashflow
And steady waters,
Sweet just like you,

I wanna rock
With every inch
Of your sweet
blond hair and
Green eyes,
Your elegant set
and the lovely frown
Of your eyebrows
When I light
a cigarette.

I just…wanna rock with you,
Coz’, as a lonely pupeteer,
I only talk for duty and work,
Never for fun or humour,
Because Time ( damn him !)
Is chasing me fast and
So do the sun and the wind.

I have to wait for the night,
To think of you
In your nightgown
Next to the window
After the morning glow,

Dewy and rosy cheeked
As you are,

You smart fellow !


All rights reserved. 2019.

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