Weirdness – K.B


It’s all getting so weird ;
Doors slamming;
Closed doors discussions ;
God speaking through
The sun ;
The body is suddenly
Weak ;
Negative energies
Invading every cell;
What’s going on?

Mothers fighting
And crying
And somehow
We always
Get a part ;

I know one
Thing for sure :
Some fake religious
People refuse progress
And would rather lament
On their fate ;

That I know for sure ;
No more.

My tired face
Would make
You think of a
Junkie ;

But it’s only
Pure exhaustion;
Not from writing
But from this
And nervous family;

It’s impossible to get
Some real rest;
As if cursed by
The world;
They are.

Apart me and
My brother ;

It’s smoky,
And it gets
So restless
That the heartbeat
Goes higher.

Soon, nerves will fall.

No one tend to another.

I’d say my mother is the
Source of trouble.

She loves maniac
Control over everything;
And she is depressive too,
Loaded with medication.

Dad is old and doesn’t fight
Nor oppose ;

Brother is too smart
To fall into the trap.

And there’s me,
Too sensitive
And caring
To ignore
And follow
My course.

But I tell you
For sure :
This family is
A hardcore one,

It has seen a lot
Of drama ;

Rarely a day of peace;

Since God decided to
Interfere ….

The last sound
From my room
Is my mother begging
For Dad to come back,

In that same tragic
Way while he’s just
Having a medical

Call her crazy.





All rights reserved. 2019.

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