Welcome to the world : parcels of a cynical crow – K.B

Welcome to the world : Parcels of a cynical crow


Eat ! when you’re half dead.
Have fun ! When you’re about
To explode.

Deprived of sexual pleasures,
You get no longer attracted
To women.

If you meet one,
You let it go.

If you have sex
While starving,

You won’t get
An erection.

If you see your
They will make
You too many
About how
You should
Lead your life.

If you get into
God is waiting
For you with
A stick,

Hands on hips
With a dark
Look of revenge
And punishment
Till you crawl
On the ground.

( Sweet memories).

If you take the share
You need

In anything that matters,

People will look
At you with envy
And jealousy
While their
Might be full.
( the famous
Smirky disapproval
Of anything that
Benefits you)

If you seduce
A woman,

A hundred things
Get on the way
( call me paranoid)

If you’re a man
Of power with
No « official legitimity,

They will shut you
Down at one point.

Or you will never
Let yourself out
( Except on a paper
Of course).

They say that only
God can embrace you,

It’s in fact
The story
Of the Beautiful
And damned.


Who needs light
Nowadays in this
Total darkness?

Illumined by
Passions ?
( drugs,
Sex, …etc..)

( Rock n’roll attitude
That leads to premature
Death, except if you’re
A movie star,
They need you as a box
Office draw).

And don’t forget to
Come again !

You are welcome !

( long and shiny teeth
Ready to bite ).

A dios lipidos.



All rights reserved. 2019.