O Sun ! – K.B

O sun !




O sun !
And warmth !
And cosy nestling !
How fast hath
The morning
Gone by,
How short
Were the enjoyments !
How ephemeral
Was the wisdom,
How short was
The vision !
In the eternal
Cycles ,
There’s a glimmer
That tells a long story
Accessible by the soul,
The heart, but only
In the morning !
How soon hath
Mourning ended,
How luminous was
Life again !
The intentions
Of a true friend
Can be felt!
The real
Can be felt,
The lost
And the damned
As well !
O friend,
I rejoyce
In your sterlingness
And adoration,
You make everything
You’ve read books
While the handicapped
Is limping !
And the homeless
Nagging !
And the dog
Sick with boredom
And hysteria !
You haven’t
Offered me food,
But a soul strong
With pure life
On which I can
Lean and give !
You haven’t
Offered me shelter
But you lifted
My spirit !
Which is much
New ideas
And peaceful
Rest in prospect !
Bellicists, back off !
Your war is not mine.

In the name of God,

I do everything in his

I don’t want to be
Played around with !

Bellicists, back off !

Lord, raise me up !




All rights reserved. 2019.


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