The 3$ room – K.B

The 3$ room



It was a cold night
In winter.

In an abandoned

Were renting
A friend room
For 3$ the night,
And only for
The people
They knew.

I knew a few guys
Over there.

I rented
The room
For thee nights.

Broken curtains,
A smell of weed,
A window
With a view
On the central

High perched
On the third floor.

A door with no lock.

I sat on the rocking
Bed, out of
My home.

I gathered my legs
Under me
And started
Of love.

Two days later,
I moved in a
Much better
Room with
A heater,
A beautiful bed…

And a girl.

O, my love !

The empty stomach
Fed on your caresses.

The hungry eyes
Smiled at your
When you
Joined me for rest ;

And every morning,
You kissed me goodbye
Before going to work.

Painters would knock
At my door
So I join them
With my computer
To write
While their
Our dreams
On their canvas.

We ate mostly
Bread with
Some humus,

We would cook
When we had
The means to !

O, my love !

Our bodies
All night,

I knew how
To appease
Your worries,

You knew
How to comfort
My loneliness.

O, my past love;
Memory is giving
Me all of you now !

Fireworks !

Elation !

Sky scraping
Ecstasy !



All rights reserved. 2019.

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