Unbearably revolutionary – K.B

Unbearably revolutionary



Chains dancing in
The dark,
We had to go abroad
Far from the sun.

They told us
There would be food,
They told us there would
Be money.

We starve every
We starve from
Bearing the chains.

We starve in our belly.

If we are revolutionaries,
It’s because something
Is hard to cope with.

In the night,
We were offered
Food and beer
And wine.

The cold
Was lethal.

Every limb
Was screaming
For warmth.

We almost died
In the street
If it wasn’t
For the last bus
That came
And picked us
Up at 1.am.

It took us
To a friend
Who had cake
In his fridge
And a heater.

As the night
Grew deep,
We dipped
Our thoughts
In a good talk,

Talk of the unbearable
And revolution…

It’s over now.




All rights reserved. 2019.


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