Loujain – K.B



…Is kept in a Saudi prison.
The graceful smile,
The sensual mouth,
She had it all.
Life was in front
Of her,
She had a happy family
Torn by the authorities.
She had a degree,
Prospects of a good life,
A western attitude
In that cavern from
Which her people
Never rose.

Jamal was a good
And honest man.

Aya was a brilliant

Achref loved
More than himself.

Ahed slapped
Israeli forces.

What is happening
To the muslim world?

Have we lost all sense
Of dignity ?

I have no more pleasure
With all these losses
And repression,

I held my culture
As a brilliant one.

Well, it’s killing

It has become
A cancer infecting
Every valid limb.

I hope that God
Is listening,

He talks to me

He has shown me
His strength,

I hope that all those
People find consolation
In his arms,

Wherever they may be.

I’m heartbroken,
By my people.

How hot is the sting !




All rights reserved. 2019.


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