For once, I wished – K.B



For once , I wished


…That being politically
Involved does no harm

That respectful dialogue
Is encouraged and does
No harm

That every subject can
Be submitted to discussion

That we can laugh of everything
At the right time

That we be free to express
Without being seen as a threat
Because we said something

That our hearts beat from the
Same pulse

That we accept change
For the best

That anything is just
A matter of communication…

That we be rewarded
For the just merit
That we earned

That we be treated

That we can allow
To have met

That we can revive
Hope without
Being afraid
Of being

It hurts to live

But if you can
Take off my shoe
And empty it
From the little

I’ll be more
Than grateful.

For once,
I wished…

That anything
Is just a matter
Of communication
And understanding.

Do we understand eachother?

Are we trying to?

Do we truly talk,

Or is just some
Whirling vacuum?

All rights reserved. 2019.


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