Rising paranoia – K.B

Rising paranoia


They say that
They’re watching,
Tracking us.

Do you have something
To hide to your conscience?

That is the real question.

In any time, any place,
Whatever happens to
You, you can bear it.

The worst atrocities
( if you ever get into them)
Are painless if you call
Or have a connection
With the heavens.

They are just projections
Of the mind.

I don’t want to be
Too extreme,
But I’m saying
It because I have
Survived to some stuff.

Always , wide awake
Senses and spiritual
And aspiration.

Can a computer
See or predict
What a mystic
To the heavens
And sees ?

It’s impossible.

Above each

There’s a more
Knowledgable one.

The difference,
Is to judge
And trust.

And God
The most knowledgable,
Despite all my complaining.



All rights reserved. 2019.

Ps : hello to google maps which is tracking me at the end of each poem…there is mystery in technology too ….😉

Ps 2 : We’ve all watched  » Snowden ». Cheers.


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