A hole in the heart – K .B

 About social drama in european countries…


( of course each state is different , there are nuances in the well-fare state but the principle is widely shared, on the contrary of other parts of the worlds)



  A hole in the heart


Dreamt I was a poet
Dreamt I could unleash
Flames of imagination
In a grey world.

Dreamt I was
An angel
With no

Of privileges
That go with
Hard work
But even tough
Work doesn’t
Always pay.

Call me european,
Social drama
Is universal,
We’ve repeated
The numbers
A thousand times,
We’ve marched
For every right.

What good
In evaluating
The autonomy
If you can’t work ?

If they get less,
Will they go to
Work and compensate
When it’s forbidden
By the law if you
Are labeled well-fare
« Parasite » ?

What if they catch you ?

I’m the states great
Concern about drugs
The one they deliver
To solve our anxiety
And lack of deep sleep.

How can we live,
Strangled in and
By the administrative
Jungle ?

Sorry Sam,
Change is not
Gonna come,
We’ll have
To sacrify
A generation
On the altar
Of legislative

They leaves us
Alone and wretched
Like poor hustlers
Looking for tenderness.

For the less sophisticated,
Tenderness means a coin
To buy a burger,

For the more enlightened,
It means inspiration to
Find ideas….

Living from minute
To minute,
From second
To second,
From hour to

From year to year
For the more regulated.

We can’t avoid the social
Suicide around here,

Coz we don’t have a dime.
If you serve,
You can as well leave your
Dignity at the door.

The true victory is based
On faith,
But the regular bias
Engenders prejudice
And narrowness of

Hear the multitude !



All rights reserved. 2019.


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