The cruelty show – K.B

As long as your own voice is alive….



The cruelty show



Remain secret
And hidden
Before the ice
Gets at you.

The cruelty show
Is a belief in the
It has no joy.
People keep
Walking on
I’m calling
For alegria,
No sangria,
Enough blood !

The cruelty
Show is bringing
Into the deafening
Light the secret
Tenderness of the
Soul that has but
One purpose :
Shine anonymously
In the glory of the

Can you feel the clutches
Searching for a grip ?
They won’t find
Any tonight .

I’ve triumphed over
Asylums and squats ;
I’m strong enough
To sing in the shower
But the cruelty show
Never ceases,
It digs precocious
Wrinkles into the
Heart of things.
Talking about the
Heart, it becomes
An edible piece of
Meat in the plate
Of anybody,
Shine, shine
In the glory
Of what cannot be
Said !

I’m a prude,
An introvert,
And an extravert
When it comes
To real art
That has heart.

The cruelty show
Is our daily muted
Mutant terrifying
Life. Rise, geyser
Of Joy ! Rise ,
Rise, don’t let
The ice kill

Either you obey,
Or you love.



All rights reserved. 2018.



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