The difference between mad and irrational – K.B

The difference between mad
And irrational



Blank eyes staring,
The machine doesn’t

What mechanism
Is failing ?

He has no idea.

He closes his eyes
Anf let his own
Hands guide him.

In the dimly lit room,
They find a way
Towards the broken

The whole machine
Becomes a symphony.
He can hear the music
Of every piece.

Now , he has to repair.
Reason slowly comes

He’s loving the process,
Goddam it !

Once the piece is repaired,
He gets back to the symphony.
His hands start to dance
Around the mechanisms.

Once the music ends,
He pauses a little,
And presses the button.

Another symphony rises,
That of a properly working

He wil be able to go the
Fields after all
With his harvest

The engine is roaring
With the most beautiful

He lays back
And lights a cigarette.

He tosses a long look
Through the window,
The sun is setting.

The fiels must be smelling

Another fine evening
In perspective.

He goes out,
And breathes

Then he turns
Away to go eat
And sleep.

What a wonferful

What a beautiful

Night prayers being said,
He slips in his bed
Deeply satisfied.
His breath grows

Far from his dreams,
The moon is watching.




All rights reserved. 2018.

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