Crisis of spirit – K.B

Crisis of spirit



May the spirit live !
May the spirit last !
We fought and we haven’t
Won yet.
Every flower has its parasites
Trying to kill her,
Every mountain
Must fight the wind
To keep its face,
Every man has to
Empower himself
Towards happiness.

I’m fighting my own
Fight, I find that I’m
Not too confident
And that I have
No support !

Even God
Me with the
Worst of creatures,
The most tired body,
The most dangerous

It all broke
My will !

They all set me
Up !

And I keep writing,
To cure my mind
From modern diseases;
Like confusion
And skepticism,
Through the prism
Of Heavy Doubt
And Holy on creation

Well, I heard the trees
Singing the Glory
Of the invisible
Hand !

I was on my carpet
At dawn,
The sky was lit
Up by the orange
Flames of summer,

And I was moving
With the trees,
Oscillating half

It all started there,
The crazy irrational
Life that blew up
My mind about
The spectrum
Of possibles.

I’ve inherited
Of a senile
A wicked mother;
And an over nervous
Brother !

It’s funny how pictures
Of the past always hang
Around their faces ,
But are in fact no more,
Because only the present
Dies. The past is dead,
The future is not.
Nostalgia, Life happening
And Hope,
In other words.



All rights reserved. 2018.


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