The secret dream – K.B

Balloons rising in the sunny sky…yey ! 


Wonder: The secret dream

In my heart,
Of colors,

I’m flying
Over the sky,
I can see
The city !

I’m hanging
To balloons,
Going up high !

Wings spread
In my back,
I’m alive again
After so much
Death !

Never alike,
I’m free
Of all things.

Do you hear
The stream
In the summer
Warm and quiet?

I’m flying !

Going up
In my fantasies,

After the cold day !

Here I am,
Young as
In really

When the world
Was beautiful

Memories sink in,
O , a butterfly,
Hop, hippi hop,
I’m jumping
In the rain,


Mom hugs me
After school,

I’m having
A waffel
Full of chocolate,

Hop, hippi hop,
Golden tears
Made of rosy
Fall on my arm,

The sky unveils
A cloth,
Rosy clouds
And hues,

And trumpets
Of silver blaring
The final theme

…with a huge cake
In the middle !





All rights reserved. 2018.


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