Hey woman, where are you ?

Hey woman, where are you ?



When midnight falls,
Hormones start
To agitate me.
I’m off to dance,
It’s a real fever,
It’s all rosy.

Desire takes hold
Of me,
Done with the cold
Intellectual rigor.

At the first beat,
I’m unchained.
My voice rises
From the crowd,
A warm and high
Pitched shrill
Expressing my thrill
And I dance,
I dance,
Hips and hands

Lights ripple
On my skin
Like a beauty
Nor a man
Nor a woman.

And it goes higher
And higher,
It feels a bit
Like artistic
The heat
Is staggering
There’s sweat
On the forehead
And in the back.

Once the fever is gone,
We go downstairs
In the basement
For some serious
Talk around
Cold jacks
On the rocks.

Ya see,
The party
Always hides

I’ve had my share
Of fun,
We had our share.

The talks goes fast,
On politics, art
And society.

When the music
Is interesting,
We go up again,
We mingle
With the people,

Gosh, there are some
Holy goddesses.
Quick, some champagne,
Again, oh, I got a few calls
But in our pink shirts
We prefer to hover
Around short skirts.

Kiss me,
Kiss me baby.

Let your hands
Fall low,

Shake the fat
Around my tired

Just to shine again
Before going to sleep.



All rights reserved. 2018.


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