Art for Art – K.B

 « Too happy they, whose pleasure sought extinguishes all sense and thought of the regret that pleasure leaves, destroying life alone, not peace! « 

Percy B. Shelley. ( quoted from memory)


Letter to a friend…



Art for art

Naive as I was earlier,
It never crossed my
Mind that art is not

It’s an attachment
To a relative truth.
Ir sometimes rises
To sublime and ecstasy ;

But never charm ;

Seductive art is entertainment;
It’s a beautiful image of oneself
That fades rapidly;

It contains no eternity
And no love ;

It’s a chimerous desire
That confuses the mind;

God inspires art.
Art brings change,
Real evolution
And revolution,
Constantly pioneering
Humanity ;

Challenging it
Too ;

Rejoycing in it
As well.

Happiness is just
A pleasure passing

Plenitude is a hedonistic
Perspective of real
Commitment to being
True, to pursue knowledge.

Plenitude is a chemical
Game in the brain;
A sort of serotonical

The Lord confers anything ;
If you’re humble enough to live
Truly without cheating.

Plenitude is a side effect ;

The roaring core is simply
Not there ;

Otherwise, the quest
Becomes an addiction.

It may even be a pattern
That repeats itself.

Only in the proximity
Of the Lord can you
Unchain yourself,

And aim for what
Matters truly :

A Supreme and
Serene good.

For myself;

For oneself;

For mankind ;

Peace and harmony.


Real love

And duty.



The way


The Kingdom
Of Heavens.

This is my take
On what art
Means to me.

A consolation,
A way of learning
And conveying
Messages ;

For this moment
Only ;

There are other



Yours sincerely.






All rights reserved. 2018.


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