The perfume ( foam and fortune) – K.B

Caricature…when you hold my satirical pen sometimes…dropping golden shit homies…but enough…hush, hush….



The perfume ( foam and fortune)



Heeey, Heeeey
I got a condo
In my mind,
55th floor
Please ;

A doorman
Always neat

A well cared for
With shiny
Hair ;

Golden sun-glasses
A fake fur coat
And rings ;

Coz I got
A condo
In Manhattan,
55th floor

No cash,

Just credit

Not putting
All my eggs
In the same
Basket too.

I got a party
Where I’m
Gonna be the
Star all night.

Then around
I’ll have to go
To see my
Car mechanic,
Choose a new
Ride with a glass
Of champagne
Then play some poker
In some unknown-
-Till-the-last- minute
Place ;

Private club,
Please ;

Go see the bitches ;
Pour some money
On their ass
And smoke cigars
With my new friends
( so many new people
All of a sudden).

It’s like the shadow
Didn’t suit me at all,
Now I got some
Italian suits,
Spanish hats ;

The way’s all
Shiny ;
People turn their
Faces but of course
They can’t see my eyes ;

Brand new perfumes too;
A collection of expensive
Watches set on a rotating
Shelf like a jewel store

Inside my mind,
Inside my condo,
Inside my leisure
Residence in the Hamptons



Ah !

Champagne’s flowing,
Taking away all the hate
Of past misery
And ideological
Structures to not
Drown in despair.

Not fooling myself,
You see ?

I know where I come

I’m totally sick


It’s the fever,

The fever,

Like a neverendig
Sweet perfume
Near rosebuds,

The pool’s full
Of dollars
And temperate
Not too hot,
Nor too cold…






All rights reserved. 2018.


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