The voice of Love tells me… -K.B.

The voice of Love tells me…



The voice of love tells me
In whispers a love that
Is true

A poetry of life
That is subtle
And beautiful
Because my
Creator heard
And lifted me up,

What a poor sissy
I am ;
Crying over broken
Illusions in which
I never believed
But which I needed
To take away the pain.

My life’s a roller coaster
Evil is always lurking
But my Creator
Heard my prayer.
O he didn’t feed
Me like a baby,
He gave me a shovel
To dig for the truth
For once and I hope



Love is real.

My heart is connected
To the heavens

When the door’s closed
The eyes of the soul
Are dim and start
Swearing till madness

Keep it up,

To the Lord,
To the Lord !

The voice of
Love took me in
In whispers
After that
The aliens
Landed in
My spot.

Why do we need
Martians when
Aliens are everywhere?

The spot is now clear,
The voice of love
Tells me in whispers
To seek peace…
And never let go
Of the fever…
Near my Creator…
Love …. ( apeased sighs)

Lying in bed,
Thinking of you…


All rights reserved. 2018.


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