Violence doesn’t cure violence – K.B

Violence doesn’t cure violence….


It makes it worse.
Our history is violent.
There are few countries
Of peace.

I prefer the flying
Feelings like
White butterflies
In the summer night
And O liquor
Of the soft
And tender,
Legs are spread
On a chair
And the conversation
Is hushed.

There’s delicious
No sound of hooves

It’s a neverland,
It’s the cleverland,
With no yellow
Band on the shirt.

Guitars are humming
A tune in the hands
Of my friends,
Trance music
Is flowing in
The speakers,
Deep bass
And enthralled
Voice like
Liquid copper ;
Forming statues
Of our antique

In matters
Of pleasure
And enjoyments,
There is no winner,
Says my friend,
Only sharing.

And it’s so very
Very true…
Let’s share

The latest
And the early





All rights reserved. 2018.


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