Today – K.B


Today, I saw the devil.
He had a pretty shape,
A wide smile,
He poured honey
Into my ear
And was calling me
Darling, whispering
Tender words…

Little did I know
That he was taking
Me to Hell…

It opened
Under my

All the marvelling
Was gone
Hideous faces
Were torn
By torture.

He had a lovely
Making business
On the misery
Of people…

Well , I ask
No salary,
I write for

I don’t close
My eyes
To feel the vibe
With a sensual
Mouth ….

He tried today,
I was adamant,

Learning from
Poor of prayer
The mind was still

They hoped
To weaken me
With suffering
So that I fall,
But hey,
I’m still
And they won’t
Cease until I fall
Into their arms
And I’ll always
Sing my naughty
Song to piss everyone
Off and open the hearts
To love, although I might
Vanish like a Jedi,

May the force be with
To slowly set things straight
And open a path,
Until the heart is complete
With happy thought,
Hopefully !

It’s one big search for
Don’t get lazy !

There is fat around
My mind,
There is fat
Around my heart,

La la la !



All rights reserved.2018.


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