Modern day violence – K.B

Modern day violence

Solitude, O solitude
Be responsible
On your own,
It’s Your life
They say.

You can even
Choose to die,
Anonymous being
In the big city.

No one will
Cry, no one
Will regret you.

They say they’re
There for you.
But like for Avicii,
They don’t care,
They don’t listen.

Modern day violence
Is solitude, a lot
Of drinks, dirty
Girls and guys.

Always there
To blame,
Never there
To praise,

Once you rise
A voice,
A solitary song,
Eyes start scrutinizing
The next step.

France is burning,
Brussels walked for
Those who stayed
Always have
A thousand

A baby dies,
But you’re not
My baby any more,
Are you ?

I still need
Over your

Says the transfigured
Mother, alienated
By sutras, mantras,
Looking for peace
Around unsolved
And deep misery.

Too much of dirt
Closes the eyes,
Another lonely
Night ahead.

There’s no
Closes in,
If you need
A fuck,
You got to be
In quickies
Or all the shit
Around a pussy.

Loneliness and
Pain are killing
Me tonight.

Therefore ,
I wrote the
Saddest lines.

There is no
Escape tonight.


All rights reserved. 2018.


      1. Hey, I’m fine, thanks for asking! I’m traveling right now hence less frequent. Melancholy and pain are favourite topics of mine to write on 🙂 ofcourse gloomy moments are there but I’ve accepted silently as you rightly put surfing on the wave 🙂
        How are you doing?


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