The genius of Creation (according to St-Karimino) – K.B

The genius of creation ( according to st-Karimino)



One day,
As God was smoking
Weed in the heavens
( best weed you can
Ever find)
He got really inspired.
He called up his servant
Gabriel, and told him :
« I’m gonna create
Something called
« Human ». It will
Have two legs,
Two arms,
And a fucked up
He will destroy
His environment
And go to war
With his brothers.
How about that? »
He exclaimed

Very satisfied,
He took another
Smoke and blew
Some wind
On the caribbeans.

Gabriel nodded
In agreement
And said :
« Hey G., it’s
An awesome idea.
I like that. Amazing
Story. Can you pitch
It for tomorrow?
I’m calling my fellow
Producer ».

And that’s how
The untold
Genius of creation

G paused in his
And added :
« I will also
A rebellious
Called the Devil.
He will spend
His time
Fooling around
With them,
Just to piss
Them off. »

Even more

He took another
And farted
A hurricane
On Houston.

Gabriel nodded
Again in agreement
With his head,
Eyes wide open
With admiration
While repeating :
« Haha ! That’s my
G « .

They went off strolling
In the garden of Eden
While holding hands.
The end.



All rights reserved.2018.


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