No one answers to spiritual laws – K.B

No one answers to spiritual laws



Tell the truth,
Help thy brother,
Don’t envy another’s
Treat with equity,
Don’t wrong
The balance,
Deal with peace,
Don’t crave for
Excitement or
Open your heart,
With people,
Have principles
But be concilient….

Seems I’m the only one
Around here
Battling with demons
Till death.

The light, the light,
The energy,
The positivity,
Does it lead to
A depressed
State of mind?

Even the body
Is failing…

O chimerous love,
I have looked for
You in vain.

Don’t reveal
The evil,
Be discreet,

Don’t trust anyone
Besides the Lord.
( my making).

When everything
That’s what’s left…
Religious hysteria…

Even the mother
Turns away from
Her sons
As age takes hold
Of her,

My boat to eternity
Is sinking,
I was a proud

Bad weather
And bad temper,

Took the spark away.

Wooeing statues,
Adamant and feelingless,

Love is a duty,
You build it with
Time like paying
The mortgage,


( being cynical)

O, and visions !
Have I talked about
The kinda dreams
That are too real
And leave you
Tired in the morning.

O, and hunger?
Have I talked about

Sleeping grandpa
Forgets to eat
Along with the
Whole lot of
People around.

So, as for spirtual laws,
Writing is writhing,
A hard drug of it’s
Culture leads sometimes
To a free glass of champagne
And cocaine in the theater’s

Beautiful means
Tricky and dangerous,
Young and fresh
Is punished by the

Freedom of speech?
« Femdom » of speech
(Coz you get fucked
Hard once you talk)

Haven’t met a clean
Tong in a while…

And that the real drama…

The right words at the right
Moment are missing…

The screen stole
The soul…
Hiding behind
Is more likely.

I see tormented
And hostile environment,

That’s what appears once
You lift the veil…
Once the ears are free,
The eyes clear,

You hear the stormy
You see the ruins…

And it’s not negativity
Which can be fought,
No it’s worse…

It’s Real.



Photo credit : Holly Sierra.


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