Blue hair McGrowl – K.B

Blue hair McGrowl



She was standing
On the balcony,

Blue hair McGrowl.

She was smoking
In semi-darkness,
The one before

She landed
On a garden
Next to my house,
The departing
Plane was still

She had a mic
On and she
Was talking

Blue hair McGrowl.

I could see her face
Dug by time,
The dirty skin
And the beautiful

Mom woke up,
With a loud
« Shut your trap  »
She went back to

We needed
To be alone,
Me and blue
Hair McGrowl.

I saw her
A long time
Ago for the
First time,

I was surprised
That I was granted
This courtesy ,
This honor.

She didn’t
Say a word
But she looked
At me defiantly
With empty eyes
Like a ghost,

Blue hair McGrowl.

We were friends,
We met on
A rainy day
In a beautifully
Furnished room.

I was all wet and tired ;

At that time, she mostly
Spent her day naked in
A bed. That night,
She welcomed
Me in a cocoon
Of heat and warmth
Exhaled by her body.

She took care of me ;
I had to leave in
The morning
Before her friend
Rang at the door.

After our short encounter
Many years later,
She had changed,
Blue hair McGrowl.

She looked tough
And raw, focused,
In her pilot Jacket
Flying planes
Like a mercenary
For various
And dubious

I guess she made
A life out of herself,

Or even gave life
Out of herself.

My gaze was set on
Her , but she seemed
Busy that night,
Giving commands
In the mic.

I guess,


That all the wounded
And the lost become
Overly comitted
Hard working people.

I like my freedom
Too, but differently.

Adios, Blue hair McGrowl.






All rights reserved.2018.


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