Beyond myself – K.B

Beyond myself

Beyond myself
There’s a strong
Love that animates
The universe.

Some people
Heighten you,
They are the
Bridge on which
You can walk

It’s a bridge between
To banks of ice
High up in the
Filled with stars
And bright colors.
There’s no feeling
Of height,
Just taking act
Of things,
Take off the
That blur
The mind,
The nagging
At oneself

Too many times
Have I been
With my dick
But this liquor
Man, it’s something

Starry eyed,
The laugh
Comes easy,
Filling the lids
With tears
Of Joy.

It’s what I call
Resistance and hope,
Coz we lost faith
In the human.

At least I did
Called a friend,
Feeling myself
And much more,
Beyond myself
I see that love
Is wider than
A cupple,
A fuck,
Delicate words
And desire,

There’s always
A reason to benefit
From it,
Therefore I pray,
I know that it
Goes beyond
My dick
To say it crudely,
But you got me,
Didn’t you ?

( smiling).

(And breathing easy…)



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