Loving the life – K.B

Loving the life

Despite the ache,
There are still
Places we can go to
To express our feelings
But beware,
Passions are not without
A fight.

At the end of each
I go sing in a café,
One, two, three
And if the people
Are happy,
Many more.

Cute people
Are emotionally
Like butterflies
Next to lamps,
White, blond,
Jack, J&B ;

The best memories
Are there,
Between the angry
For Queen Beauty
Of the year
And their boyfriends
Watching with a bored

In the meantime,
People sing,
I sing too,
The mic is on
Before the long
And lonely stretch
Of Night,

Bright eyed
For a moment,

Just a moment.

In times of youth
The night held no

But not now,

Not anymore….




All rights reserved. 2018.

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