Poetic Tale : The ninety nine and one sheep – K.B

It’s more than just my right and your right….



Poetic Tale :The ninety nine and one sheep



In ancient times,
Two brothers

The first owned
Ninety nine sheep,
The latter only one
From which he drew
Milk every morning.

The first brother
Was greedy
And wanted
The only sheep
Of his brother
To add to his own.

He was in his legal
But how would
His brother
Without his
Only sheep,
That the first
Owned 99
Beasts ?

The matter
Was submitted
To a wise king,
Who tempered
The law in favor
Of the poorer

How would he
Have survived
Otherwise ?

You may be
In your right,

Keep the balance.

And when those people
Are close to you,
It’s even more important.

I’m sure that with time,
The first brother earned
Something more priceless
Than another sheep
For his farm : the love
Of his brother.

May they be blessed !






All rights reserved. 2018.


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