Allegorical, amicable and massive rape of population – K.B

Allegorical, Amicable and massive rape of population.




As we are being taken
Hostage by constraints,

By people,

As our tv’s keep
On telling lies,

As democracy
Fails to give
A real choice
And solve issues,

It’s a massive
Rape of population.

When ideas collide,
It produces fire

When ideas
Get confused,

I’m lost ;

You are lost ;

You walk the streets
Not seeing the trees
At night
As if not knowing
Where to go..
A look of dismay…
And sometimes

How then
Aren’t we
Being raped?

Incests of the


Of thought,

How then
Aren’t we
Being raped
From our
And candor?

So many times,
I wanted to throw
Myself under abus
Because of non sense
And vacuity,

So many times
The thought
Of dying
Crossed my

The soul
Is innocent
And pure,

And it is
Being massacred.

People lie on the

Hungry children
Die in Africa

Oppressed refugees
Flee from their country
To save their lives,

War is trampling
On our dignity,

Selling has
Never been
So high.

How then
We being
In our
Inner self,

Playing roles
And keeping
A blind
Eye on
What truly
Matters ?

What is more

Intimate than

A thought ?

That’s what I’m

Asking myself,

And who has

The right

To educate?

That’s what

I’m asking

Myself too.

K. B.

All rights reserved. 2018.

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