Mystery of Psyche – K.B

Mystery of Psyche…



…..Or how psychology damaged faith

By making it a conscious process….

Before, all the songs were in the

And the truth could be felt

Do you ask a light to reason
Or explain ?

Once the lights are out

The knowledge that inhabits
Me starts to flicker deep
Down at night

Psychology makes of
Us mentally abused

Because it evacuates
So many questions
In its perfect and
« Sane » narcisissism

Sometimes I’m
In a rage and it feels good

Sometimes I’m crazy
And it feels good

Hey, psychic sidekick,
Keep coming for more
It’s a trade that never ends….
There they are,
90 $ slamming on the desk
And you don’t even get
Nor give it
A fuck….

Got myself
A massage,

A heavily loaded

An amazing

And a little

What better
Therapy ?
O Life !

O Love !

Have a tiramisu
If you’re cold !




All rights reserved. 2018.

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